“Allotment of School Supplies”


        Education is the most important thing we should have to fulfill our dreams. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world. Allotment of school supplies is our great idea to help others. This project should be push through because many students and many children can  use it for their needs.  Also we can be a living inspiration for all . With the help of our project we can inspire and influence others to do such thing . We can help for those students that need our help. Even we are also a student we can do such thing to help our fellow students. Giving school supplies is one of the foremost ways to help students around us who can’t buy their own school supplies because they don’t have enough money. We choose this project because as we can see now a days there’s so many people didn’t go to school because of the expensive things that they need  to buy for them to study. Others are going to school even they don’t enough money this is because they really want to learn . So that we are willing to help them wholeheartedly.

We want to serve! We want to be a a model to all the students that are lucky on what they have and  what others doesn’t have. A ballpen,sharpener,eraser,paper,pencil and notebook is a big big help for all the students. Just be contented on what we have because not all of us are the same. As we grow older, we will discover that we have two hands, one for helping our self and the other for helping others.


Adventure Diary

Last August 16,2016 , Tuesday. We went to different historical places and found out the different stories behind them. It is already 6 in the morning when we arrived at San Nicolas. We took pictures and we went to Taal lake which is near at San Nicolas.


After that we traveled again going to Ona’s Balisong the place were the biggest balisong is located. That was so incredible to see people working on different types of knives and other sharp objects. I am really amazed to the biggest balisong Ive never seen before. It is about 44.57 meters . Ohhhh ! That’s amazing.

We took at Taal Basilica we walk along and went to Marcela’s House . The House is well preserved and there are lot of information you can found inside. Also we went to Apacible Agoncillio’s House that house is creepy although it is also well preserved and even it is renovated you can see the original wood used to that house . I saw different old things.

Yieeee ! At Taal Basilica actually it is not my first time there, when we have time my family used to go to that church to thanks Lord.

We had our lunch at three king’s restaurant, actually it is my first time there their food is good but I don’t like their tawilis,the tapa is delicious as well as longganisa. The place is very wide to accommodate the students.


We went to Beths Special sweet peanut which you can found the people working or doing the panutsa’s and other products. I also bought some of their pasalubong. Next we traveled going to Caysasay shrine , another church which you can see that the church is very old. They still preserved the church. The San Lorenzo ruiz step which is about 125 steps. Also we saw the Miraculous well of Sta.Lucia.

We visit the Caysasay shrine we went to Binukalan Church which is very mysterious. There’s a tour guide there who told us the story about the couple. I felt creepy in that place. I don’t know why . I took pictures again and then leave . Lastly, we went in Alitagtag Church, this is not my first time there but every time I went to that Church I am so amazed to see that very wonderful church with green altar inside. I took pictures together with my classmates. I also prayed to that church.

That was a long ride after all . I felt so tired but I really enjoy that day. I learned a lot of new things. I hope this is not the last.